Surviving a 24-hour Juice Cleanse

Surviving a 24-hour Juice Cleanse

I've been a big fan of juice bars since leaving home and becoming a basic b. In college I  would go to the local farmer's market to pick up my favorite charcoal lemonade juice. It was pure black and looked like asphalt, but the taste was 10/10. That's where my love for juice first started. I’m not a big fan of store bought juice but fresh, cold-pressed juice. Oh yeah!

Most juice bars not only have single juices for purchase, but typically they have options for cleanses or something similar. I've never done a juice cleanse before, but thought what better time than the start of the new year when everyone is setting their health related resolutions.


You’re probably wondering why a dietitian is doing a juice cleanse. Honestly I probably would be wondering that too. This post isn’t about promoting or bashing juice cleanses. It’s about sharing my experience in doing one. I thought this would be a fun topic because I love drinking cold-pressed juice and know it’s a popular trend during the start of the year. Out of curiosity I wanted to see what it would be like to do a cleanse like thousands of people do each year. Here’s what surviving a 24-hour juice cleanse.looks like and no I didn’t poop my pants.


Juice Bar Lakewood is a juice bar in the Dallas area that hooked me up with the juice for this endeavor. Sohail, the owner was incredibly nice and personable when I dropped by to visit. I was surprised because there wasn’t only juice, but smoothies, bowls, and salads on their menu. Along with food there were fun little signs,one read “Don’t have anxiety, separation  is normal.” The juices are fresh made in house everyday separation is normal because there are no additives and fresh.

Juice Bar Lakewood has many different reset options. I did the Essential reset consisting of 6, 16 oz juices.
2 Sweet Greens sweet and delicious with apple • kale • spinach • cucumber • parsley • lemon
1 Ginger Greens typical green juice with ginger • apple • kale • spinach • cucumber • parsley • lemon
1 Fresh Greens very green and Earthy with celery • kale • spinach • cucumber • parsley • lemon
1 Orange You Glad* orange and sweet with carrot • apple • pineapple • mint • ginger • lemon
1 We Got the Beet heavier mouth feel and beet-y with beet • carrot • apple • ginger • lemon

*my favorite!

This day of juice provides 1,080 calories,


The day I did my cleanse I woke up early to head to work for monies.

6:00 am woke up! Have to be at work by 7 am. ‘
7:00 am Drank Orange You Glad. I really stretched this juice out and made it last until 8:45. This was my favorite juice of the day. I figured it would be as I had sampled a few of the juices when first Visiting the juice bar.
9:00 am feeling slightly bloated, eeek! But it went away fairly quickly
9:35 am hunger is setting in. I’m feeling a little hungry at this point. Less than an hour after finishing my first juice.
12:00 am work was busy and I forgot about my hunger and drank a sweet greens.
2:00 pm work shift is over so I drink the fresh greens on the way home.
3:00 pm HUNGRY AT HOME. So I eat a salad, lol with my last sweet greens.
4:00 pm slightly hungry and going to hot yoga. Needed to make sure I had enough fuel to exercise so I make avocado toast and drink ginger greens.
7:30 pm drank we got the beet, which was to me like a dessert wine.
8:30 pm snack time. Peanuts from Sam’s Club because protein

Needless to say I didn’t really complete the juice cleanse in it’s anticipated form. For me it was too little calories and protein. However, I do love drinking juices throughout the day and encourage everyone to consume more fruits and vegetables. When combined with healthy meals juice can be a great source of vitamins and minerals. During the juicing process fruits and veggies lose their fiber but the vitamins and minerals stay. Juice can be a great way to get someone who doesn’t like fruits or vegetables to eat them on the daily. It can even be great for yourself to have those additional nutrients.

I may stick with my occasional juice likely Orange You Glad, but may stay away from the resets. If you’re considering trying a reset reach out to your local registered dietitian to make sure it’s right for you.

I would also like to mention Juice Bar Lakewood has another great reset option that includes a kale salad for dinner. That can be easily modified by you and your RD to meet your nutrient needs.

What are your thoughts on juicing? Let me know in the comments below or jump over to my latest Instagram post to drop a comment there.

Stay healthy my friends,


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