Your Must Have Lifestyle Essentials

Your Must Have Lifestyle Essentials

Here is a list of my favorite products ranging from kitchen to bath to home and even clothes! These are of my Amazon favorites. This list will stay updated as I try and find new products I like.

These items are only things I’ve actually bought, used and like… as always. Amazon links are affiliate links.


A kitchen must-have for anyone who likes a nice frothed hot lattes or hot chocolate! I use mine almost everyday. I used it mostly for moringa hot chocolate because I never mix it well enough by hand, lol. This frother, froths the milk and mixes in in perfectly for me. I use the stand it came with and keep it by my coffee machine. It is pretty powerful so works best when your mug is 1/4 the way full. If it’s any fuller your milk may splash out!

An essential for baking! I especially love this cooling rack when baking cookies. It’s nonstick, and easy to store. I have 2 of these so I have enough space for all the cookies I bake. Using a cooling rack is great because it allows air to circulate helping baked goods cool without getting soggy from condensation. Nothing is worse than a soggy cookie!

Save $$ and the environmental by making your own fizzy drinks. This is the version I have and it has been great. I use the soda stream CO2 cartridges and exchange them at the store for new ones. I do this instead of buying new ones each time because it costs less. To add flavor I use Mio or crystal light packets. DrinkMate is small and doesn’t take up much space and comes with 1 BPA-free bottle. I ordered more of these as well so there is always a bottle clean to use.

The kitchen holy grail, the Instant Pot! A must have tool for quick dinners, perfect rice and quinoa. Instant pots can be a little confusing with all the buttons they have, but once you learn how to navigate it, it’s a piece of cake! To help me figure out how to use mine I joined a Facebook group of other people who are also trying to figure it out. The group also posts a lots of good recipes too. Some of my favorite Instant pot recipes are potato soup, chili, and stew. Instant Pots are a little pricey but can be used as a pressure cooker and slow cooker that can also saute veggies or toast grains before cooking with other ingredients. A serious must-have for quick dinners.

Reusable baking mats instead of aluminum foil or parchment paper. I love using these because they are ZERO waste and can be reused forever. I have 6 of these, lol. I use them every time I cook something in the oven. They are nonstick and easy to clean. Because they can handle up to 480 degrees. I stick them in the dishwasher (top rack) for cleaning. These come in a pack of 2 but I love them so much I bought more. The only negative is they do change color from products as they age. But not a deal breaker for me!

Another reusable item for your kitchen. If you love baking these will be perfect for you. They are versatile and can be used for anything from muffins, cupcakes, to mini cheesecakes. They don’t require greasing before use because they are made of food-grade silicone and already nonstick. I add a little spritz of oil to mine anyway just for extra insurance. After baking they are dishwasher safe and can be easily washed. These reusable cupcake holders come in packages of 12 or 24. I got 12 and then ended up buying another 12. So if you love baking and plan on making more than one batch I would get the 24 pack.


I was so tired of my yoga mat getting beat up. I had heard of a yoga mat bag before, but wasn’t sure about them. I went searching and found this one on Amazon at a low-cost, so I bought one. The yoga mat bag keeps my mat safe and helps it hold its rolled shape instead of getting weird and flat. I have a few different yoga mats and only have a bag for one. Though, I am thinking of buying a few more since I like the one I have so much. There are also two outside pockets that are perfect for my keys and phone. I used to juggle my mat, phone, water bottle, keys in my hands. Now that I have this bag I have pockets and a strap to carry this bag. It can also go on airplanes in the overhead bin!

Comfiest tennis shoes! I wear these daily and love them. They are running shoes that have cloud foam inserts. I don’t run that often, but these shoes are great for walking, which I do often. These shoes fit very true to size. I have slightly wider feet and wear a 9.5 in most other tennis shoes. I went with that size and they fit very true to size! Amazon Prime also allows a free 7-day trial. They have many color options, but I wanted to try a light color! I always buy black shoes so went for the ice purple/ gray heather/ white style.


Super cute, super comfy one-piece swim suit!

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