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If you love easy and affordable plant-based recipes you’ll feel right at home here. Eat more plants! Eat less meat! I’m so glad you’re here. Click around and stay a while.

Our Services

We offer a variety of nutrition services specializing in the area of plant-based nutrition. We not only work with vegans, but anyone who is looking to eat more plants.

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What Is a Plant-based?

Here we love eating all the plants, but still love you if you’re not there yet. Eating predominantly plant-based can be beneficial to your health. Plant-based doesn’t include any animal products. Items like meat, cheese, milk. You won’t find any of that here!

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Food, Food and More Food

The basis of this blog is FOOD! All the plant-based goodness. We’re a team of nutrition professionals who are here to make eating plants easier and more fun for you. Here you not only will find delicious recipes, but plant-based nutrition information too.

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We take the stress out of plant-based eating. Who says eating healthy has to be hard and expensive?

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