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Dabble in the vegan lifestyle. Don’t do it alone, let us help!

  1. Which foods do I choose foods that nourish my body?

  2. How do I save money while eating vegan? I heard it was expensive…

  3. Is being vegan more than just food?

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Vegan 101 Course

You’re just starting off. There may be a lot of questions you have, uncertainty if this is for you and don’t even know where to get started. This is a vegan basics program.

You’re going to learn the environmental and health impacts of choosing to eat less meat. How to make meals that aren’t only nutritious but tasty too and how to figure out what in the world is vegan and what’s not.


Online Group Classes

During the course of a month you will learn how to fuel your body for energy and health. You will receive weekly meal plans, grocery lists, workouts and virtual support from Rhyan RD, LD

Shred 10

A 10 day jumpstart to reset you gut with whole food nutrition. You will receive nutritional support from Juice Plus+, meal plans, grocery lists, cookbooks, a private online community and virtual support from Rhyan, RD LD.