After working with Rhyan, I now feel better and more confident in my ability to make healthier choices.
— Dotty

Happy Clients


“I am proud to say that after working with Rhyan my LDL cholesterol is half of what it was in August of 2018. She has helped me continue down a healthier path!”

— Leah

“I did Rhyan’s Shred10 after I was encouraged by a family member to try it. After 10 days my legs felt like completely different ones. My edema had gone way down and I actually have ankles! I’ve also lost 8 lbs and counting. I’m so glad I jumped on board I just feel so much better over all!”


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“After one month of working with Rhyan and eating almost entirely plant-based, my LDL went from 124 down to 96! I couldn't be happier. I've been able to 1/2 my medication and am on the way to completely coming off medication.”


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